What's Happening at the Wieting?
April 6, 2017


To continue with my list of young people who have appeared on the stage at the Wieting before renovation closed the doors. They are: Kaitlin Boldt, Chervenys-Danielle, Daryn, Derek and Destiny; B.J. Dvorak Kirchners- Adam and Eric; Richard Kirchner's church group; Jamie Koester, Morrows- Gabby, Rachel, Seth and Tiffany; Musgraves - Carrisa and Jessica; Norm Seymour's kids, Amanda Tichy and Dirk Wiese.

The young people that handled the work backstage such as, set changes, ran sound, lighting, curtain and anything that needed doing were: Bob Bennett, Jon Darter, Drew Gaydos of Kentucky, Shane Manfull, Brad Meek, Russell Ochs, John Peterie, Mike Yilek and Dustin Young.

We of the guild wish to thank all of you for supporting the Wieting with your talent. Those fundraisers helped keep the doors open. We appreciate you.

"See ya at the Wieting_ _ _"


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