Questions Tama City Council stance on property status
April 21, 2017


Letter to the Editor:

A question to ask the citizens of Tama.Why is it OK to tell a young couple with 4 kids (that are or will be going to STC Schools) that they can't run a small business in a R2 zone. This ground is several hundred feet from anybody.

There are a few whiners who are complaining and their complaints are all very petty.

The Tama City Council has no backbone and never has.

There are many small businesses in town that operate out of their homes (Construction, handy men, painters, tree trimmers, landscapers, lawn care and the list goes on) that by zoning rules are not legal.

Why is this young couple being singled out? I hate to tell my son Bryan and his wife Steph who live at 1704 State St to clear-cut the property that THEY own and let the whiners look at each other, then move to a bigger city due to there is nothing left in Tama.

But first, they need to lawyer up and make the city realize that whiners are not the ones running the city.

What is bad for one should be bad for all, not just a select few. One more thought, how much money are the whiners putting back into the community?

Do they buy groceries, building supplies or anything from this community? The whiners and council members are welcome to call me to discuss.

My number is 641-750-6503.

Stan Graff



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