South Tama School Board approves teachers pay contracts for 2017-19
June 16, 2017


The Master Contract between the South Tama County Education Association and the South Tama School District was approved on a 4-0 vote of the school board on Monday night, June 5. This covers July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 and shows a base wage for certified staff for 2017-2018 at $28,415, certified staff base pay for 2018-2019 at $28,515 and the certified staff base for 2019-2020 to be determined.

Voting in favor were board members Michelle Yuska, Penny Tyynismaa, Jackie Dvorak and Alan Kline. Member Mark McFate was absent.


A Contract was approved for Michelle Wiegand as Middle School Student Council advisor effective August 16.

Sarah Perez will transfer from the present position elementary special education aide to elementary preschool ELL aide for 2017-2018.

Resignations accepted were from Brenda Husak, assistant girls soccer coach and Robert McBain, high school girls soccer coach, both effective at the end of the season; Stephanie Ehlers, middle school special education aide; Sarah Buckingham and Dana Van Otegham as elementary special education teachers; Sally Kessler as high school ELL teacher; Kate Ihnen high school / eighth grade guidance counselor; and Brian Petullo, middle school assistant principal.

Board Policies

The first reading of three Board Policy include Policy 404.01 Licenses Employees-Recruitment and Selection. It has one change in it with the second paragraph reading "When a vacancy occurs within the District, notification of the vacancy shall be advertised consistent with "Equal Educational & Employment Opportunity" replacing "Affirmative Action Plan " guidelines unless filled by a transfer. District employees interested in a vacancy need to make application to be considered for the vacant position. Recruitment and selection of all employees will comply with the District's "Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity" being marked out and replaced by "Equal Educational & Employment Opportunity" policies.

The first reading of t he second policy 403.20 Licensed Employee Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection. Has the second paragraph changed to read as "Announcement of the posit ion will be posted on, the school district website and in each school building. Teaching vacancies identified during the school year that must be filled during the same school year shall be exempt from the five day internal notice period. Teaching vacancies identified for the following school year after May 15th will be exempt from the internal notice. Whenever possible, the preliminary screening of applicants will be conducted by the administrator who will be directly supervising and overseeing the person being hired. The last paragraph will have Master Contract deleted and Certified Handbook added and the words collective bargaining deleted.

Policy 43.50 Licensed Employee Salary Schedule will read The board will establish a base wage for licensed employees' positions. It is the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation to the board annually regarding the base wage.

The second readings of Board Policy 701.5 Meal Charges, 534.23 Head Lice and Nits, 402.19 Family & Medical Leave, and 402.01 were approved after a change made in 402.01, deleting the wording Equity Coordinator in one place.

The board had discussion on some changes that may be necessary in t he new building but nothing definite decided.


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