What's Happening at the Wieting?
June 15, 2017


Did you answer the questions presented to you? Let's see if you were right.

1. The Wietings are Philip with one l, and Hellen with two ls. She went by "Ella".

2. The local boy from Toledo who has two tv series that he starred in is Michael Emerson, star of "Lost" and "Person of Interest".

3. This local artist was the "Butter Cow" lady, named Norma Lyon, but called "Duffy". She appeared on Johnny Carson's show and David Letterman.

4. The area where the POWs of WWII were housed is called "Toledo Heights". The buildings were built by the government to house and treat the Meskwakis with TB. After the war, the brick building was used as a pearl button factory.

5. Music is embedded in the sidewalk at the front of 201 West Ross. On the east side of this residence there are other emblems embedded in the sidewalk.

How did you do? Did you get all the answers right? Hope so.

"See ya at the Wieting_ _ _"


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