To All Our Veterans:
November 11, 2017


I would like to use this space here to say "Thank You" for being one of the selfless few Americans that has been willing to offer your life

on my behalf. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you for...

Goinginto harm's way for me, so I can enjoy a peaceful evening with my family.

The freedom to vote, to speak out if I desire to and to protest peacefully when the need arises.

Helping make sure my kids and grand-kids receive a good education.

Letting my family and I choose where we want to live, what we want to do and where we desire to worship.

Allowing me to choose my course in life and to make a good living and yes, even to be able to pay taxes so I can enjoy the comforts of life.

Since the birth of this great country of ours, the precious blood of over ONE MILLION LIVES HAS BEEN SHED for our freedoms today. Millions more

have been injured and seriously wounded and all the millions and millions that answered the call to serve the United States.

The past week or so I asked several Veterans what could possibly be done to show thanks and appreciation to them. One Viet-Nam Veteran answered, "I would hope that people would just be thankful for my service but shouldn't feel obligated to do so if they don't want to. If they want to, that would be great but if not, that's OK too."

A Veteran of Afghanistan & the Middle East War simply said, "If you want to thank me, really thank me, than please VOTE."

And a third Veteran remarked, "Just a simple hearty handshake and a quick, short thank you is enough for me."

It isn't much but the only way I know how to repay you for your service is simply to honor you every chance I get, acknowledge when I can, the sacrifice you made and to always respect you, the flag and your service to our great country. At every parade and public event the National Anthem is played, I will stand and proudly put my hand over my heart and yes, even sing to the best of my ability. HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY TO ALL THE VETERANS. That's The Way I See It. or call me at 319.327.4640


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