Right back in business on license plates
December 1, 2017


Not too long ago the State of Iowa restricted what could be included on vehicle license plates.

The restriction, if recalled correctly, was, at least in part, in response to problems law enforcment was encountering in determining the license plate information while making a traffic stop.

Really, the two main purposes of license plates are to identify the vehicle ownership and, of course, to show you have paid your motor vehicle taxes.

Now, among those still allowed were plates supporting state universites, colleges, for Emergency Medical Service workers, plates recoginzing prisoners of war or plates with personalized letters, numbers or combinations.

With the approval of legislation which became effective Jan. 1, you can now get a decal to slap on your exsiting plate.

Tama County Treasurer Michelle Yuska provided some details on the license plates required to display the decals (See sidebar information) and noted her office has not had any requests yet for the decal plates.

- J. Speer

Here's the details from the Iowa Department of Transportation:

Decal license plates

With the passage of HF617, non-profit organizations may apply to the Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services (OVMCS) for approval of a decal recognizing their organization or cause.

The application requesting a non-profit organization decal can be obtained by contacting the OVMCS at 515-237-3110 or by emailing If the decal is approved, the non-profit organization will be responsible for the production, administration, and issuance of the decals.

The non-profit organization may also charge a fee to individuals interested in displaying the approved decal on a decal license plate.


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