What's Happening at the Wieting?
January 11, 2018


Did you have an opportunity to get to the theatre to see the live production about the Tombstone Trial? We will have more live productions during 2018. Keep an eye on this column and other articles in our local newspaper informing you of them.

I received a very interesting family newsletter at Christmas time. It was from a former music teacher and his wife. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by going on a trip overseas called the Voyage of the Vikings. They enclosed many photos of things they saw. This letter was from Lloyd and Bridgette Hannah. They read this column and I wish to say thanks for sending their letter.

I've had many people tell me they read this column. I wish to tell all of you thank you and have a happy 2018!

From all of us in Tama-Toledo and Iowa - -.

"See ya at the Wieting_ _ _"


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