“King of the World”
January 28, 2018


The other night after I had gone to bed for that long winter's night nap, I was whisked off to one of my favorite places.....Dream world!! Dream world, for me, is where I'm hitting home runs in Yankee Stadium, throwing TD passes in the Super Bowl or just enjoying life on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in my 242 foot yacht. Ah, Live is good in John's Dream world, for sure!! And this time was no different as I was named by a unanimous vote, "KING OF THE WORLD." Forever! All decisions went through me and were made by me. There was no discussion. The King of the World, (that's me) has spoken and the rest of the world must obey.....................or else.

Now because my dream only lasted one glorious night, I certainly didn't have the time to cure and fix the entire world. Poverty, famine, discrimination and below zero weather would have to wait until next time. I only had the time to concentrate on a few things. So here are several things this "King of the World" would change IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner!!!

1. TERM LIMITS! No more, no more, no more career politicians at any level. In fact, since I'm the King, you could only be elected for one term, albeit that term could be of a variable length determined by one of my many minions. No more campaigning for re-election, because there are no more re-elections. Give everyone eight years for example, stagger the Presidency and the two houses in Congress so as to keep the flow of new ones coming in and old ones going back home and working a real job. The way I see it today, politicians worry so much about getting re-elected that they forget to simply do their job. There is no reason in the world why any Democrat, Republican or Independent should spend 20, 25, 30 or more years in the government and then having the audacity to tell us folks they know what we're going through.

2. Ok, as long as we're talking politics here, as King of the World, I'm having just a slight problem with the whole "government shut-down" situation. Never should Congress hold, "WE, THE PEOPLE" hostage. Never, I say, and as King, there will be hell to pay if they do shut down the government due to their inability to work together and efficiently. So, here's how it's gonna go down when I'm King. If Congress cries, whines and promises to "hold their breath" until they get their way and the Government does get shut down, EVERY SINGLE MEMBER WLL GO WITHOUT PAY FOR THREE MONTHS. Punishment will be severe for them as long as I'm King!! Haruuumph! And, if a National Park or something is closed, guess who will work to keep it open? Right!

3. Now to the world of sports. I grew up eons ago when ball games were played with the knowledge that it was a game of and for human beings. And human beings make mistakes. We accepted that years ago and as King, we shall go back to accepting the decisions of the umpires and referees. THERE WILL BE NO SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, FRAME BY FRAME INSTANT REPLAY THAT RESULTS IN HAVING PLAYS OVERTURNED. In other words, there will be no appeals or reviews. If that be the case where Umpires and Refs can have their decisions overturned, than when the professional athletes make a mistake, their decision must be overturned as well. After all they make gazillions of dollars and Refs/umps make far, far less. In other words, if the all start short-stop makes an error, we will just replay it so he gets it right. Again, fair is fair!!

Well, about this time, nature called and I had to take my nightly walk to the bathroom. Dream was over.....but my friend, there will be another time and THE KING SHALL BE BACK and I'm not talking about Elvis. So, if you were King of the World, what would you change? Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640. These are three pretty good things, don't ya think????


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