South Tama wins Conference Title
January 31, 2018


Despite a loss to Clear Creek-Amana on Friday evening, the Trojans were able to do something they haven't done for 23 years. STC won the WaMaC West Conference Title.

Securing the championship was done so after Vinton beat Independence on Friday, Jan. 26. The STC basketball team and remaining fans were able to catch the tail end of the game by listening to a radio broadcast. The team was gathered around a cell phone in the locker room. Coach Dustin Peska held a microphone to the phone so fans in the gym could also listen. It was a close win by the Vikings and the remaining STC fans held their collective breath as the final seconds ticked by. When the radio announcer made the final call a cheer from the locker room erupted over the speaker.

The STC boys emerged from the locker room with a step ladder in tow, ready to cut down the nets. One by one players, coaches, managers and even Peska's eldest son Lakyr, cut a piece of the net to keep for years to come. Family and fans recorded the event with their phones and video cameras. The STC boys each had big smiles on their faces as they cut their own piece of the net as a memento.

Coach Peska announced it wasn't quite how he expected to get the championship but he'd take it. As he climbed the ladder to cut his piece of the net with his daughter in arm, he pointed to each of the players giving the credit to them. It was a true moment of joy for the team.

As for the game played moments earlier, STC's matchup with CCA was a close battle in the end. The Trojans had gotten behind in the first half. They played catchup until the final minutes. CCA was able to slow the Trojans pace taking them out of their normal rhythm. The end result was a one point win for the Clippers 41-40.

The Trojans will be at Marion on Friday evening.


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