What's Happening at the Wieting?
February 1, 2018


Since we acquired our last grant for Phase II we will be getting everything lined up to proceed with the backstage project. When this takes place we will be closed for awhile. My fundraiser project may be later than I had anticipated. Just bear with us. We will get it done.

Do you remember some of the old acts that we had at the Wieting? A lot of those people have gone home and are not available any more. Such as our announcer Roger Wiese; Alice Campbell- classic act entertainer; Willard and Helen Beadle; Pam Kacer; Barb Crain; Richard Kirchner; Marilyn (Boldt) Jones; cousin Archie Meeker; The Kitchen Band and instrument players that I have forgotten their names. So many people-we thank all of you for donating your talent to the community!!

"See ya at the Wieting_ _ _"


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