Faces on Facebook
February 4, 2018


Facebook is quite an interesting phenomena, don't you think? Who would have thought that twenty years ago or so, one could stay in touch with friends, relatives and classmates all at the push of a button. Memories and pictures shared with anyone and probably everyone. Couldn't make it to the family or class reunion? Heck, just click on Facebook and you hardly missed a thing, except maybe a second helping of Aunt Hilda's famous "dump salad." What a name for something so delicious!!

Now there is a downside I suppose. Probably lots of bickering about one political affiliation or the other and all the arguing that goes along with that. I think it fairly amusing that when McGillicudy explains why President Trump is nothing but a..................well, you can put in your own description, that his message is going out to mostly his own friends who probably think just like him. And the same goes for Ellie Fant, who thinks all Democrats are............................, again, you can describe the way you want. So who exactly are they convincing?? Oh well, I digress, (which by the way is what I do best.) Than and ramble. I love to ramble. Ooops, there I go again.

Anyway if it's just about catching up with family members, the old class of '69 or people you have lost touched with over the years, Facebook is a real treat.

I think I enclosed a Facebook picture here somewhere showing a baseball gang from way back in the early 60's. Love the "high water pants." Maybe you've seen the picture on Facebook but here it is for those of you that missed it. From what was posted, here are the first names of the gang of "way back when....." (front row), Tim, Mark, Kurt, Steve, Doug, Dennis. (Back row), Chris, Jim, Kim, Tim, Al, Larry and Gary. If I'm wrong, don't blame me. This is how Steve remembered you guys!!!

I probably shouldn't even mention it, but I think our Chelsea Baseball Gang, The Redhawks, would of "whooped" you good. What do you think? Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640 or heck, even say "hi" on Facebook. Play Ball!!!! I'm ready for the baseball season to begin. Oh by the way...............the Eagles will beat the Patriots 37 to 28.........maybe in overtime!! Har har har


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