Happy Valentine’s Day!!
February 11, 2018


Valentine's Day is a few days away. But for many "romantically-challenged" of us guys, it's time to prepare. This day more than any other is stressful for men. I'm not sure why, it just is. We simply have a hard time with things like emotions, feelings, remembering, spending too much or heaven forbid...too little and all sorts of things like this. I mean, when is the last time a woman sent flowers to her husband at work? In fact, would they still be married today if she had?

Should we buy her flowers? "Oh, dear, you shouldn't have" or "Honey, you spent too much money for them." But she's thinking (or is she?),"But I'm glad you did."

Should we buy her candy? "Honey, you know I'm on my diet. Why are you tempting me so?" But she's thinking, "Honey, dang it, you know I'm having a hard time with my diet."

So I am (reluctantly) here to save the day and share my years of understanding women with you guys today. And you have a week to get ready for the big day!!

First if you have trouble saying "I love you," and many of us do, please know that there are many many ways you can say I love you without using these three terrifying words...

Honey, please be careful.

Don't worry dear, I'll be there for you.

Sweetie, everything's gonna be just fine.

Dear, I was at the store and bought your favorite snack.

Hi. Just called to tell you I've been thinking about you today.

(My favorite). Hun, I love you because you're awesome, just like me!!

Now, here's a little short Valentine's Day quiz for you:

In which of these four countries does NOT celebrate Valentine's Day? (Italy, Germany, Belgium, Canada or Australia)?

Who every year receives the MOST Valentine's Cards? (Wives, Husbands, Girlfriends or Teachers)?

What were Romeo & Juliet's last names?(Smith & Jones, Sheda & Veit, Siegfried & Roy, Montague & Capulet or Bennito & Carnaci)?

And finally after well over 40 years of trial and error with Valentine's Day, here are several "DO NOTS" in regard to the big day...

No matter how financially tight things might be, DO NOT tell her that she can order anything off the dollar menu!!! And no drive-thrus either!!

DO NOT buy her a membership to the gym or any kind of home exercise equipment.

No cleaning appliance either and no "self-help" books, such as, "How to handle you emotions."

DO NOT include in your romantic evening tickets to "All-Pro Wrestling."

If you are inclined to buy flowers.....for God's sake buy REAL FLOWERS and make them RED ROSES!

And not for one second when she says, "Honey, please don't get me anything," DO NOT BELIEVE HER!!

And most importantly....DO NOT OVERSPEND OR FOR GOODNESS SAKES, UNDERSPEND. There's a fine line here and I have absolutely no idea what it is.

Well, hope this helped you guys out there. Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.


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