What's Happening at the Wieting?
April 12, 2018


I got to thinking about all the volunteers we have helping at the theatre. Most people only see the ones working during the movies. but we have more doing tasks, and I think they should be recognized also.

Mowing and weed-wacking, Mark Tanke; watering the ground area, Denise Fletcher; snow removal on both properties. city crew; cleaning the theatre, Genesis Development people and their supervisor; putting ads, movie previews and movies on disk, Mark McFate and Steve Kenkel; putting info on sign, Denise Fletcher, Alan Kline and crew; Margaret Scharnweber picks up, takes home and washes and returns our cleaning cloths to the theatre; also Boy Scouts of the community cleaning the theatre after the movie once a month.

We wish to tell them thank you for volunteering.

"See ya at the Wieting_ _ _"


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