Remembering Barbara Bush
May 2, 2018


Letter to the Editor:

Watching television the last few days with all the information on Barbara Bush and her death, brought back many memories for me.

I was chairman of the Tama County Republican Women for many years, and therefore had been invited to a luncheon at a Cedar Rapids hotel around 1990. My granddaughter, then three years old, Gail Wiese, and I attended the luncheon.

On entering the hotel dining area, Barbara Bush came over to me, ( I was holding Gail on my hip), and asked if she would let her hold her. Gail went right to her and Barbara Bush carried her around the hotel dining room introducing her as the youngest Republican women attending. What a day not to have a camera.

However, I have thought many times what a wonderful woman she was. Not many women of her notoriety would take the time to introduce a three year old.

Joyce Wiese

Rural Toledo


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