Toledo Farmers Market
May 11, 2018


Market Report for May 4, 2018

It was a fabulous night for the Toledo Farmers' Market. Everyone was happy to be back. There were plenty of items to purchase.

Kristi had her tables full of rolicky, kolaches, twisty, cinnamon and pecan rolls, pies, crisp's, bars, coffee cake, and cookies.

Cindy had a table full of Big Beef, Beef Steak and Celebrity tomatoes plants just waiting to be planted.

Shirley and Michael were busy baking bismarks, kolaches rolicky and noodles.

Busy Bee Acres was busy as bees with assorted sizes of honey, including comb honey; lip balms, solid lotion bars, and bees wax wraps. The bee's wax wraps are a fabric coated in bees wax that you could use as you would saran wrap or any other kind of wraps to seal in freshness.

Chuck and Ginger had quick breads, pies, kolaches popcorn, hot pepper powder, nutmeats, honey and a couple of winter squash.

Dawn brought asparagus, rhubarb, house plants, soup mixes, jams, jellies, dried herbs, spice mixes, dried hot pepper powder, simple soak, and fairy food.

Sheryl is back with her ceramics, mug aprons, scrubbies, soy scentables, potholders, towel sets, microwave bowl hot pads, bottle carries, lid grippers, half and full aprons, cell phone wallets, dish cloths, blanket pets, and her smiling face. We are so happy she is back.

Scenic Co. is new this year with slabs and logs cut from their own timber. Very beautiful walnut book stands. Look for further information about this product to come.

Bailey is back with her quick breads, pies, and small pies. Welcome Back Bailey.

As you can see there was something for everyone. I am sure next week will bring more asparagus, rhubarb and green table onions, also the array of bakeries, honey, spices, popcorn, plants and more. I am sure there will be a few more vendors also.

This year there will be some new faces at the market. We will be having a kettle corn vendor starting in a few weeks. I can't' wait to smell the aroma in the air. I am still looking for musicians to come on out and jam for a few hours. If you know of anyone that would loves to does that let me know. It would be great to have some live music to listen to, and lawn chairs around the bandstand.

Be sure to come on out next week from 5 to 7 for the Toledo Farmers' Market. Remember, it is the Friday we will be planting flowers for Mother's Day. See you at market.


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