Supports Thomas Heckroth for Congress
May 29, 2018


Letter ot the Editor:

I support Thomas Heckroth for the Democratic nomination for Congress from Congressional District 1 in the June 5 primary because I believe it is time we elect someone who truly understands what it means to be our "Representative".

Thomas is a 6th generation Iowan whose family roots are right here in Tama County. He is one of us!! Thomas understands the challenges we face in Iowa. He knows "rural Iowa" and he knows that communities like Dysart, Traer, Tama, Toledo, Garwin, Gladbrook and others are being left behind as self-serving politicians like Rod Blum and Donald Trump do what's best for their wealthy donors instead of what's best for hard-working families.

Thomas has the experience to be an effective Congressman. His work as an advisor to Senator Harkin and working in the Department of Labor has taught him how to get things done through the challenging bureaucracy of the Federal government. When you couple this experience with his experience in the private sector, where he worked as a corporate reformer to show that profits don't need to come at the expense of people or the environment, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be an excellent Congressman for all of us.

I'm voting for Thomas Heckroth for Congress June 5!

Susan Sailsbury



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