The down’s and up’s of a shut down!
January 6, 2019


Hah! They're shutting down our government! Just imagine. Could that mean I don't have to pay my taxes? Can I go 90 on a 55 mile per hour highway? Or skip school and do whatever I want? Hey-I won't have to pay the fine on that library book I lost 6 years ago! Is there no "down side" to the government's shutting down?

Whoa, what about my social security check? Or what if I'm on the operating table and my doctor walks out 'cause Medicare won't cover me now? Or worse yet, they cancel my deer hunting license! Will crime spiral out of control? Is there no "up-side" to a government shut down?

One thing I'm grateful for: God never shuts down. He never has deficit spending or budget balancing problems. He's not partisan-instead, He pardons sin! He doesn't have to back up His stuff on a cloud, build firewalls to keep hackers out, worry about skimmers or scammers, mess with passwords or remember what His great grandmother's maiden name is. He's got it all together. Give God yourself, and He'll give you a new ID that's shutdown proof!


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